Play along to the songs you love, minus the instrument you play.

A tool made to enhance your practice sessions. Coming soon.


We're stoked you're curious and interested in using Jam Biscuit as part of your practice routine.

You'll hear from us shorlty on how to be one of the first to try it out.

Easy to use.

Spend less time futzing with software and more time playing music.


Select an MP3 from your file, or paste a link from Youtube to add a song.

Select an instrument to remove.

Choose from 9 different instruments what to remove.

Hit play.

Tap a song and BAM💥 you’re jamming with your favorite band.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app?
At the moment. I'd love an iPad app more than anyone, but at the moment it's only me so resources are a little thin. Jam Biscuit has been optimized to display and work in a web browser on any modern computer, tablet or phone though - and if you choose not use Jam Biscuit because there's no app I'd love to know!
What instruments can I remove?
You can choose to remove: vocals, drums, bass, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, synthesizer, string instruments or wind instruments.
What audio formats are supported?
Supported formats include: mp3, aac, flac, aiff, mp4, mkv, avi, wav, ogg and m4a.
After I've uploaded 90 minutes what are my options?
You can upgrade to 1 of 3 other packages: 4 hours of songs for $19/mo, 6 of hours of songs for $29/mo or unlimited songs for $99/mo


Jam Biscuit is the brain child of Andrew Draper, a seasoned musician (well, a drummer atleast) and technology entrepreneur. In an effort to re-learn songs he’d recorded with his bands previously he wanted a way to play to those songs but without his original drum tracks. After a bit of research this translated into an app for his own use and ultimately into the version of Jam Biscuit you see today…and to borrow a cliche, it’s only just getting started.

More about Andrew

While recording a few albums and touring eastern Canada and the United States with a few bands Andrew began a career of working with technology. Beginning with his own design agency, he also pioneered one of the earliest subscription e-commerce ventures as the co-founder of Manpacks, earning widespread attention in Inc Magazine, Maxim Magazine, the New York Times, Boston Globe and TechCrunch. After this he tackled the American healthcare system with Allay, an HR and benefits platform that was able to find savings up to 40% for small and mid-sized businesses before being acquired in 2020. These days he spends his time as a founding team member of the high-growth startup, Penny AI Technologies, a sales enablement product for network marketers, as the head of product and innovation.

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